HiSO takes pride in engaging in an ecologically conscious approach through every step of a garment’s creation. Whether it’s alpaca, cashmere, wool or shearling, we partner with other eco-conscious companies, ensuring the best practices and materials are used to protect the environment.

Ethically sourced shearling
Our shearling is a by-product of the food industry. In using this product we are essentially reclaiming materials that would otherwise be disposed of, therefore creating waste. Our shearlings are natural materials that are sourced from tanners that support traceabilty through International standards that govern animal by-products from their origin until the point they are generated for end-use.

Shared Values
HiSO partners with suppliers that maintain like minded views regarding the importance of sustainability. Benefits of these collaborations include:

  • Respect for clean water
  • Respect for clean energy
  • Respect for power management and reduced emissions
  • Respect for recycling