Our Story

We design it. We craft it. We live it.

HiSO is a Canadian heritage company specializing in sophisticated, premium outerwear. HiSO uses shearling, cashmere, leather, and fur to create timeless garments.

Founded in 1975, HiSO is deeply rooted in Canadian tradition. A second generation family company HiSO combines over 40 years of experience in every garment.

First impressions matter. Your coat is the first thing people see as you arrive and the last thing as you go.

HiSO garments make your entrance just as memorable as your exit.

HiSO. There is no other.


HiSO prides itself on being an ecologically conscious company in every step of a garment’s creation. All the lamb skins we use are a renewable and sustainable resource. The tanners that obtain the hides we use, are sourced solely as a by-product of the food industry or from animals that succumb to natural causes. HiSO uses only the world’s most reputable tanners and the newest tanning technology available to ensure a minimized environmental impact.

At HiSO, we strive to partner with other eco-conscious companies, which protect the environment that provides our valuable resources.